Oslo Zionist terror NOT a false flag op

28. juli 2011 av  

The July bombings and heartless killings in the Oslo city center and at Utøya island in the Tyrifjord north-west of Oslo – unlike other recent Zionist terror attacks such as New York 9/11 and London 7/7 – are most likely NOT a false flag terror operation. The treasonous quisling Anders Behring Breivik seems to have operated all by himself, both in the city center and at the AUF youth summer camp at Utøya just outside Oslo.

Jonas Gahr Støre at Utøya 'Boycot Israel' demo

Jonas Gahr Støre at Utøya 'Boycot Israel' demo

On the 65th anniversary of the Zionist terror group Irgun’s devastating attack against the British administration and forces HQ at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, Behring – whose 1516 page «manifest» 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence reveals him as a rabid Muslim-hating Zionist – first blew up the main government building and the nearby Oil Ministry in Grubbegata in the heart of Oslo, leaving 8 people dead.

Behring then proceded to slaughter kids of the AUF social democrat youth organization at their island summer camp on Utøya, killing at least 68 people – mostly teenagers – according to the latest figures from the Oslo police department.

On page 1167 of 2083, our blond, blue-eyed Zionist terrorist and mass murderer pretty much reveals the plot:

So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.

While there has been quite a bit of speculation – way too much speculation, many here think – there is simply no valid reason to believe that Behring did not make his explosives by himself, or that Behring did not shoot all those kids on his own. Our social democrat government has no motive for covering this up, and our Norwegian mass media has no motive for not following leads, like the rumour that more than one shooter was present on the Utøya island.

There is however one massive cover-up of the very obvious link to the 1946 Jerusalem bombing on July 22nd, and of the fact that our traitor Behring is himself a rabid Zionist, shooting and killing even more people than his fellow Zionist settler Baruch Kappel Goldstein in Hebron in 1994.

To this day, not one Norwegian MSM channel or publication has mentioned this clear link to the Jerusalem bombing. Zionism – obviously – is still very much a taboo subject in Norway.


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  1. Jrgen sier:

    I don’t mean to hurt you, nor do I mean to offend you in any way, I simply think that you’re wrong in your conclusions.

    It is my firm conviction that you – very seriously – need to entertain the possibility that Breivik has (for want of a better word) been «brainwashed» to perform the horrific acts that he is guilty of. Just consider the truly inhuman behavior he has shown, consider the strange way in which he acts – as well as the strange way in which he simply looks(!) – while in captivity, consider what his former friends and other people are saying about him and consider the truly global implications of this whole tragedy – and ask yourself if this is not a possibilty that must be examined(!?).

    Again, I am NOT trying to have myself some kind of «twisted laugh» at your expense, that would be nothing but perverted. Instead, I mean the above very literally.

    Best wishes.

    Jörgen Edlund

  2. Torstein Viddal sier:

    Dear Jörgen,

    no offence taken. What you write makes perfect sense. And of course he’s been brainwashed! We all have. For at least a decade. Sifting through this treasonous quisling’s 1516 page manifest, it seems abundantly clear that Behring’s been fed bullshit from the mainstream media – and believed it! – both about New York 9/11 being an Islamist operation and about London 7/7 being the same. It is only natural for non-muslims to become hateful of muslims when such lies are allowed to stand for a decade in our public sphere.

    And so I blame the mainstream media. And yes, I know that they don’t like to be blamed, for anything, and especially not now, and especially not for something as serious as lying for 10 years about 9/11. Nevertheless, this is what they’ve done, and this is one of many deadly events that have taken place as a pure consequence.

    Some present or former fellow islamophobes of Behring claim they can never utter their opinions in the MSM press. This is utter bullcrap. They can and they do. Every fucking day. Almost the only thing not allowed in Norwegian MSM papers, is 9/11 skepticism.

  3. Jrgen sier:

    I think I’ve made my point and I’m not going to press it further, just one more observation: Breiviks friends mention that he on more than one occasion had plastic surgery in the USA. I am willing to bet you a large sum of money that the investigation that is to be carried out by norwegian authorities will not be able to determine at what clinic these procedures were undertaken, nor if anything besides plastic surgery took place there.



  4. finndelmundo sier:

    Sorry if I interrupt with silly questions, but how can this attack have been a Zionist terror if ABB acted on his own, influenced by the fear instigated by the Norwegian and international massmedia? I think it might be counterproductive to put the label zionist on the whole bunch of liars that back up 9/11, 7/7 etc, since many of the bastards are obviously not jewish, and I feel religious denotations do more to separate sceptics, than to clearify the relevant facts… but thats only my opinion…

    BTW: I heard somewhere that ABB requested to wear his («templar»?) uniform in court (a request which was denied). I also heard that he never was in the army. What kind of medals did he have on the uniform (on the picture we all might have seen)? Some cheap crap he got himself for the picture, or real medals given to him for some performance? Would be interesting to know, since it would say a lot about the guy (and his fellow templars, if they exist)…


  5. Torstein Viddal sier:

    Hi Finn! A lot of people – especially in Norway – seem to be at loss when it comes to what a Zionist is and isn’t. You don’t have to be a Jew of descent to be a Zionist, and you also don’t have to be a Jew religiously. The word Zionist when it comes to rabid, ideological and often violent Zionists like the Quisling terrorist Behring, relates to Jew just like Nazi relates to German. You can perfectly well be a German without being a political Nazi, of course. And as we remember also Norwegians joined the Nazis and became Nazis without being German.

    In the same way a Jew can be Jewish either ethnically or religiously without sharing the racist Zionist ideology. And of course also: A semi-Cristian Norwegian like Behring can become a Zionist if he so choses, unrelated to his biological origin or religion.

    In short: Zionism is the proverbial Elephant In The Room. Most people don’t even recognize the propaganda we are fed as Zionist propaganda. And if you don’t accept Zionism as an integral, important fact of our daily life in Norway, you practically know nothing of what’s going on in society. (That is meant as an incentive to read up, not to feel insulted!)

  6. finndelmundo sier:

    Checked with Wikipedia (always handy) and yeah, seems like Zionism exists in many forms, with one common denominator, the state of Israel. In that sense I guess even the Norwegian labour party can be seen as Zionist, as they were a very active supporter of the Jewish state from the late 40’s and onwards.

    Some things don’t add up in this case, like f.ex. this article mentioning ABB’s original plan to kill Gro Harlem Brundtland. How is it possible for a man who has been planning such an event for years, to risk fuckup by f.ex. having to place his escape vehicle in town the same day as the bombing? Did he oversleep aswell?

    • Torstein Viddal sier:

      Behring propably never wanted to kill old-age pensioner Gro Harlem Brundtland. Her Friday schedule had been known since at least Tuesday 19th July, and by 1700 on Friday she had long left the island. I’d say Behring just claims this goal in order to get more attention (a bit like Obama claiming that he’d very much like a world without nukes, for which he received the Nobel peace prize).

  7. Torstein Viddal sier:

    This NTB (Norwegian News Agency) story in Aftenbladet shows the extreme lengths to which the Mainstream Media are willing to go in order to conceal the abundantly clear Zionist roots of this terror bombing and killing spree: Terror på merkedag for korsfarerne.

    While no MSM propaganda outlet in Norway has yet mentioned the 1946 Jerusalem terror attack by Zionist extremists, this article boldly claims the date July 22nd was chosen because of «a victory ceremony in year 1099 in Jerusalem» establishing the kingdom of Jerusalem. NTB cites an article in the strongly Zionist weekly Morgenbladet by a Marius Timmann Mjaaland as its source.

    NTB’s nationally syndicated news telegram opens thus: «The date for the terror in Oslo and on Utøya was not randomly chosen, philosopher and theologian Marius Timmann Mjaaland claims. According to him, the attacks fell on an anniversary of the first crusade against Jerusalem.»

    The fact that the Oslo attacks also fell on the 65th anniversary of a much more similar event, much closer in time AND motivation (put pressure on a foreign government to comply with the will of Zionists); the ideologically motivated terrorist bombing of the British HQ at King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 22nd, 1946, seems to be a non-fact, or a fact too sensitive to even mention in the mainstream press.

    And so, the cover-up carries on.

  8. emmett23 sier:

    The connection between Zionism and the Norway mass murder appears to me vastly stretched. Apart from some rantings by the murderer, there is no hard evidence of any links between him and Israel or Zionist organisations. As in any case of murder, the focus should remain – at least at the outset – on forensic evidence, direct witness testimonies and a thorough and transparent investigation of When, Where, What, Who and How. Possible motives can help focus an investigation, but cannot supplant it. Here are some relevant questions for which I still await an answer:

    1. Could a non-skilled person construct – without harm to himself – such a powerful bomb as was used in Oslo? And design the remote-control necessary for such an operation? Are there precedents that prove that this is easily within reach of an amateur?

    2. What is known about the murderer moving the bomb into place, obtaining (or buying) a vehicle, placing the bomb at the right site, changing his uniform, driving to Utöya, where did he hid his ammunition and weapon while on the ferry, how did he manage to kill so many people, one after the other?

    3. Why did it take the police 90 minutes to arrive at Utöya, when it is told that people are being murdered? That’s far longer than an ambulance or a firefighter team would take. Is it some kind of severe negligence by the police, or something more sinister? If negligence, aren’t we entitled to know WHOSE negligence?

    I therefore recommend that a public inquiry into the circumstances of Utöya be held, with truly independent commissionsers, including representatives of the victims. Since 9/11 there is no reason to trust any state agency to investigate such crimes. Western governments, due to their cover-up of 9/11 have forfeited the trust of the populations.

    • Torstein Viddal sier:

      Elias, those are very good questions. Behring is however very much linked to Zionism, both because he openly swears allegiance to Zionism, and because he is an instigator and ideologue for Zionist groups like EDL and NDL – English Defence League and Norwegian Defence League, respectively. Whether he has any links to the state of Israel remains to be seen.

  9. Torstein Viddal sier:

    Utøya survivor Morten explains (see video clip):

    «It may be that people have mistakenly thought there were two people, because he was dressed as a policeman in the beginning, but at one point he is said to have taken off the police uniform and jumped into a small boat. And then he is said to have gone around the island for one round. Because during the shooting there was one pretty long gap between shots. But I think I heard a boat, and it fits pretty well with the story I heard from the survivors from the cliffs. So he went around in civilian clothes, I guess with lots of weapons in the boat, and he would wave to the cliffs to see if there were people hiding there, and when they waved back at him… he would come closer and pretend to help them, but then he just assassinated all of them instead.»

  10. Torstein Viddal sier:

    För att återgå till utgångspunkten för denna tråden som kanske kommit bort lite kan man säga att den norska 9.11 truth-organisationen nog slagit huvudet på spiken och att det inte behöver sägas mer.

    Asgeir på Vaken.se

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