How Global Guantánamo came about

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I guess we knew those muslims would be kept for a long time at Guantánamo, but maybe not for 10 years.
I guess we knew most of those muslims would be entirely innocent, but maybe not bought for 3 yearly salaries a piece.
I guess we knew the authorities would be lying about them, but maybe not simply making up that they were «directly related or responsible for 9/11».
I guess we knew they would review their detainment policies after a while, but maybe not that they would extend them to every dissident all over the world.

If you want a picture of the future..

I guess most of this long decade we thought they were doing at least something honest in Afghanistan. Turns out we were wrong. It seems they just bought prisoners like slaves, like they paid Africans for slaves in past centuries. I don’t know, maybe to erect an illusion that dangerous muslims were behind the 9/11 terror attacks? If the very first warden at the Guantánamo concentration camp says he was made to lie about the prisoners being «directly related or responsible for 9/11», then, hell, maybe the American authorities were covering something up? Maybe they just needed the slaves they bought to be there as the eternal «suspects», never to be heard or tried in a proper court of law?

In any case, we let them do this. We let them do this and get away with it for ten years. Many of us even believed America was attacked by muslims on 9/11, for a while.

Now, the legacy of the 9/11 Wars is the gravest possible. They can get away with terror against their own people using stealth, torture, detainment, controlled media and a constant queue of pandemics, crisis and general fear-mongering. TV will show footage of nuclear bombs going off together with vague hints that «sources» say Qaida now has or may very soon have the bomb. Tube trains will blow up in other cities and other nations and there will be no real investigations because they are for some reason not all that curious as to who conducted these acts of terror.

They can extract «intelligence» from their «suspects» through «harsh interrogation techniques» and feed this bullshit intelligence to the disgusting mainstream media, that keeps on force-feeding it to the gullible general public.

This works! This actually works like hell. For no significant percentage of the population will ever feel like distrusting their own government, or their government’s partner governments in other nations. Then they would much rather distrust their independent journalists and researchers, branding them «conspiracy theorists», even though conspiracies are rampant and omnipresent.

That’s why you get an NDAA 2012 act that turns America and the world into a military dictatorship, in which the military can disappear anyone they want for life without even a rigged trial. That’s why the whole world has now suddenly become occupied Cuba. Become the global Guantánamo of the new decade.