Norway terrorbombed on the birthday of modern terrorism

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22/7 – or July 22nd – is viewed by many historians as the birthday of modern terrorism. On this day there was an attack carried out in 1946 by the militant terrorist right-wing Zionist underground organization the Irgun on the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. 91 people of various nationalities were killed and 46 were injured.

Norway terrorbombed on the birthday of modern terrorism

The leader of Irgun, Menachem Begin, would later (January 1974) go on television in the US, claiming to prominent journalist Russell Warren Howe that he was not just the father of terrorism in the Mideast, but «in the entire world». Two of the operations for which the Irgun is best known are the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22 July 1946 and the Deir Yassin massacre, carried out together with Lehi on 9 April 1948.

Begin would five years after the Howe interview go to Oslo, Norway, on December 10th, 1978 to receive his Nobel Peace Prize:

22/7 nobel peace prize oslo 1978 menachem begin zionist irgun july 22 terrorist

The first 22/7 zionist terrorist Menachem Begin of Israel receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo’s Town Hall on December 10th, 1978.

65 years to the day since Begin’s Jerusalem bombing, the Norwegian administrative HQ in Oslo is shocked by a 950 kilo ANFO-based fertiliser bomb that breaks shop windows for many square kilometers all through the Oslo downtown area.

You could read in some smaller local papers that the day was remembered for the King David Hotel bombing, but these were automatic «Today’s Date» columns taken from some database, and of course printed the night before the Oslo attack.

Using the words «Breivik» and «King David» we can extract from news databases the figures – 16 months after the attacks – for how many articles in Norwegian that have made the connection, in any way, between the two attacks on 22/7.

The number is 6. And most of these six articles are ridiculing either professors of peace and conflict studies Johan Galtung or Ola Tunander, or indeed, yours truly, for having the balls to even bring up the fact that 22/7 was an important date in modern terrorism.

The fact that the Irgun terrorist organisation was a zionist organisation, and that coincidentally Anders Behring Breivik also is a devoted zionist, would perhaps raise some eyebrows in the editing rooms of the major Norwegian newspapers, when they both attacked government buildings on the same day? But no. Breivik’s words in his manifesto: «So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.» were «clearly» the words of a madman, or so they said, for 9 long months, before the court decided he was not the slightest bit mad after all.

So there was clearly a cover-up by the mainstream media.

Other cover-ups were to follow suit.

The 22/7 Commission Report – released on August 13th, 2012 – completely fails to mention the reported fact that the DELTA force, the police anti-terror force, held a 5-day anti-terror and anti-massacre drill in the Oslo area from Monday 18th through Friday 22nd July 2011. The drill reportedly ended at 3 pm.

The DELTA force drill on the same day may have puzzled the Operation Leader and probably also other key persons, who were left wondering whether these events were «real world or exercise». Not including such an important factor, one that also was already revealed by Aftenposten and a host of other daily newspapers back in August 2011, is a bit of a scandal. But it gets even worse if the exclusion was intentional in an attempt to obfuscate an important part of the Police Trail.

We can easily imagine that knowledge of this DELTA drill was an important part of Breivik’s planning, execution and escape from Grubbegata on Friday afternoon 22nd July 2011.

Neither does the report mention the directing role of the NATO and its Gladio behind the terror of eg. the Bologna railway station bombing in 1980, and the Munich Oktoberfest Bombing the same year, both mentioned in the report, an omission that gives parliamentarians and other citizens who read the report a false and twisted picture of who has historically been behind terror in Europe since WW2.

I mentioned the Police Trail. So far, pursuing this trail has earned me the doubtful honour of being the author of the most expensive blog post in Norwegian history. A fine of roughly 5,500 pounds – and counting – as I understand, may be issued to me as a reward for my hard and mostly lonely work. However, these are things I cannot control.

A dubious trio in the Oslo Police Department seems to emerge from the pages of the 22/7 Commission Report. I shall name names, as these persons are highly suspect in their inability to defend Norway against the secondary attack – the Utøya massacre – of 22/7.

I would not release these names if this wasn’t such an enormous scandal in the middle of the worst terror attack against Norway since the second world war. I also would not carry out this investigative work if it wasn’t for the fact that our journalists and editors stopped working for truth in terrorism related cases a decade ago. I’m doing this to stop further terrorist attacks from the same band of criminals.

My suspects for sabotaging the police operation on 22/7 are first and foremost:

  • Anders Snortheimsmoen, head of the DELTA force.
  • Johan Fredriksen, chief of staff at the Oslo PD.
  • Thor Langli, field commander (innsatsleder) on 22/7.

It is my view that these men should be investigated further, in depth, and that their testimonies to the 22/7 Commission should be released to politicians, researchers and the public at large. Keeping their testimonies secret deep inside some archive for 30 years may be dangerous and a risk to national and international security.

I cannot see that pursuing the Police Trail is wrong in any way. However, I can understand that the police doesn’t see it that way. Unfortunately, suspects are in no position to decide whether other people suspect them of wrongdoing. Or rather, they should not be.

Humanist lunacy from Didrik Søderlind

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Metaskeptic «Humanist» editor Didrik Søderlind on NRK1 TV about 22/7: «One of the reasons that I was quite sure Anders Behring Breivik wasn’t a part of a network and that he must have done it all by himself, is that we know that no Norwegian rightwing extremists can keep their mouths shut, so it had to be just one man.»

Now, there are several things to note in this argument from the editor of «Humanist», but let’s start with the most serious mistakes:

1) Even if ABB should have been all alone about it, we know he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. The ministry’s audio phonelog disappearing and even the note written about the threats by the operator vanishing, was due to solid cooperation, not a lack of talking. Same thing with the Utøya threats at the Hegnar Online politics forum, that disappeared in its entirety on Wednesday 20th July 2011.

2) The rightwing extremist, national zionist ABB in no way kept his mouth shut, rather, he boasted about his foreign network: «Breivik claims the persons who in total were behind some 50 attacks in Europe since WW2 are the members of this [anti-communist resistance] movement.» according to Dagbladet.

3) It’s typical of zionist editors to argue that a foreign network was impossible because Norwegian zionists were eager to talk (to try to be as categorical as these zionist editors themselves).

4) The «Humanist» editor’s absolute belief in absolutes, and in absolutely homogenous groups within the labels he makes for them, probably also explains how it’s possible for him to believe that neither the first Manhattan Project (the atomic bomb) nor the second (the WTC demolition) were possible to carry out, as «someone would have talked», and America’s super-duper-free journalists and editors are simply foaming at their mouths at the thought of revealing 9/11. Extremist zionists are human beings, too, and human beings have a tendency to be diverse as individuals. Some talk and some keep their mouths shut.

5) You can believe when you are in your church!

6) Why does editor Søderlind think the police are filed as suspects by the families who lost their loved ones in the terror attacks of 22/7?


Metaskeptiker og Humanist-redaktør Didrik Søderlind på NRK1 om 22/7: «En av grunnene til at jeg var ganske sikker på at Anders Behring Breivik ikke var del av et nettverk og at han måtte ha gjort det alene, er at vi vet at ingen norske høyreekstremister klarer å holde kjeft, så det måtte være bare én mann.»

Det er flere ting å merke seg ved Humanist-redaktørens resonnement, men la oss starte med det aller grøvste:

1) Selv om ABB skulle ha vært helt alene, vet vi at han ikke klarte å holde kjeft. At departementets lydlogg er forsvunnet og notatet operatøren skrev ned truslene på forduftet, skyldes solid samarbeid, og ikke mangel på kjeftbruk. Likeledes med Utøya-truslene på Hegnar Onlines politikkforum, som forsvant i sin helhet onsdag 20. juli 2011.

2) Den høyreekstreme nasjonalzionisten ABB holdt nettopp ikke kjeft, men trakk tvert imot frem sitt utenlandske nettverk: «Breivik hevder at personene som totalt står bak et 50-talls angrep i Europa siden 2. verdenskrig utgjør denne [antikommunistiske motstands]bevegelsen.» ifølge Dagbladet.

3) Det er typisk for zionistiske redaktører å argumentere med at et utenlandsk nettverk var umulig grunnet norske zionisters snakkesalighet (for forsøksvis å være like kategorisk som de zionistiske redaktørene).

4) Humanist-redaktørens absolutte tro på absolutter, og på absolutt ensartede grupperinger innenfor båsene han snekrer opp, forklarer trolig hvordan det også blir mulig for ham og hans likesinnede å tro at hverken det første Manhattanprosjektet (atombomben) eller det andre (WTC-sprengningen) var mulig å gjennomføre, fordi «noen ville ha plapret», og USAs superduperfrie journalister og redaktører bare sikler etter å avsløre 9/11. Ekstreme zionister er også mennesker, og mennesker har det med å være forskjellige som individer. Noen plaprer og noen holder kjeft.

5) Tro kan du gjøre i kjerka!

6) Hvorfor tror redaktør Søderlind politiet er anmeldt av de etterlatte etter terrorangrepet 22/7?

Norwegian only: Det eksakte sitatet i kontekst er fra det drøye minuttet 23:00-24:15 i dette klippet: [youtube]

Konspirasjoner skjer hele tiden, og verdenshistorien og nåtiden er full av sammensvergelser; folk som har snakket sammen, skjulte maktbindinger osv. Det som kjennetegner den typen konspirasjoner som det snakkes om her, det er jo disse enorme konspirasjonene som er allmektige, som aldri gjør feil, hvor ingen plaprer osv.

Det som er så veldig typisk med de konspirasjonene som skjer i virkeligheten, er at folk hopper av, de ljuger osv, ikke sant? En av grunnene til at jeg var ganske sikker på, da det kom frem, da folk snakket om at Anders Behring Breivik var del av et nettverk og sånn, så, nei, han må ha gjort det alene, for det vi vet om norske høyreekstremister, det er at ingen av dem klarer å holde kjeft. Ikke sant, det må ha vært én mann.

Sånn at det er det som er så typisk her. Men jeg skjønner veldig godt at konspirasjonsteorier slår an, fordi verden er et veldig uoversiktlig og rotete sted, og de tingene konspirasjonsteoriene tilbyr deg, det er jo ikke bare et ganske ordnet univers, som er sånn nesten manikeisk, at det er det gode mot det onde, og sånn, men de tilbyr deg en helt spesiell plass; du er den eneste som har gjennomskuet det, og så er du omgitt av horder av hjernevaskede sauer, eller sheeple, som ikke forstår noen ting.

What’s NOT in the 22/7 Commission Report

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Sometimes it can be more interesting to look for what’s NOT covered in a commission report after a major terror incident, than reading what’s actually there.

Those familiar with the 9/11 Commission Report, for example, will have noticed that the collapse of the skyscraper WTC7 – almost twice the hight of our own Oslo Plaza – isn’t mentioned with a single word in the report, that was published at the end of July 2004, almost 3 years after the event.

In Norway we ended up with a 22/7 Commission Report that doesn’t mention these three crucial elements:

1) The report doesn’t mention the fact that Vaalstua farm was rented from a [?convicted NOKAS bank robber, an accomplice in the NOKAS robbery of 2004, or that it was this convicted felon?] who recently had used Vaalstua as a cannabis farm.

2) The report also doesn’t mention the reported fact that the DELTA force, the police anti-terror force, held a 5-day anti-terror and anti-massacre drill in the Oslo area from Monday 18th through Friday 22th July 2011. The drill reportedly ended at 3 pm.

Both of these bits of information are absolutely highly relevant to the solving of this case, and they should therefore have been included in the report.

Of all places, Breivik chooses to rent a farm in Rena, not far from the main Army base in Southern Norway, and also the home base of the Telemark Batallion, and from a former grower of cannabis (at the farm) and [?convicted robber from the NOKAS robbery?], where a policeman was shot dead. Maybe not the ideal place for someone who wants to hide away and do his thing without interrupting visits from nosy police patrols? But what do we know.

The DELTA force drill on the same day may have puzzled the Operation Leader and probably also other key persons, who were left wondering whether these events were «real world or exercise». Not including such an important factor, one that also was already revealed by Aftenposten and a host of other dayly newspapers back in August 2011, is a bit of a scandal. But it gets even worse if the exclusion was intentional in an attempt to obfuscate an important part of the Police Trail.

We can easily imagine that knowledge of this DELTA drill was an important part of Breivik’s planning, execution and escape from Grubbegata on Friday afternoon 22nd July 2011.

3) Neither does the report mention the directing role of the NATO and its Gladio behind the terror of eg. the Bologna railway station bombing in 1980, and the Munich Oktoberfest Bombing the same year, both mentioned in the report, an omission that gives parliamentarians and other citizens who read the report a false and twisted picture of who has historically been behind terror in Europe since WW2.

Breivik uniting Zionism and Nazism

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I happened to be present at the Oslo courthouse on Tuesday, April 17th, watching and listening to 22/7 terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s 75 minute main prepared defense speech. A speech that the press and media were banned from broadcasting to the general public. These are my thoughts after following the story for almost nine months.

The first thing that has to be said, is that watching Breivik defend himself for 5 hours this Tuesday removed each and every doubt that he is indeed «legally sane», in the sense that he is absolutely fit to be punished by the Norwegian judicial system for his criminal terrorist acts. All «experts» who say otherwise are flat out lying. This is a sane, rational, logically stringent man of great wit, who happens to also have some pretty effed up ideological views that have made him become a mass murderer and a terrorist.

It should also be said right from the start of this article that there is little doubt that he carried out both the bombing in Oslo and the shooting at Utøya. What remains to be seen is whether he had accomplices and what parts of the misdeeds these people took part in. There were also some pretty amazing instances of police SNAFU – 27 according to one commentator, but a lot more if you look more closely. There’s a string of maybe 40 or 50 or 60 grave mistakes on behalf of the police, guards and government, making them unable to stop Breivik before the bombing of Oslo, stop him getting out of Oslo and to nearby Utøya, and to stop the shooting ASAP when Breivik amazingly managed to get himself transported over the sound to Utøya island, using the Labour Party’s own ferry.

So many instances of SNAFU, in fact, that the mathematical probability of them all occuring on the same day or relating to the same person, should tell you all you need to know. And of course, in the weeks and months after the terror, documents, tapes and other evidence started disappearing. As by invisible hands.

OK. So, returning to the terrorist’s defense speech on Tuesday, April 17th. Breivik started telling us how there’d been no real post-WW2 democracy in Norway, because «nationalists» like himself were not allowed free speech and democratic rights. This should tell us that he wanted there to be more democracy, and that Norwegian democracy should also include «ultra nationalists», a fair point that even I could agree on.

However, he messes it up by contradicting himself completely. He loves America, and especially a certain McCarthy, the postwar communist witchhunt general, and he regrets that McCarthyism didn’t go far enough and never succeeded in sending alleged «commie» American citizens to Soviet Russia. So, really, when it comes to a more real and including democracy with less political censorship, our terrorist is only in favour of it when it applies to his chums, and to his «nationalist» parties.

Apart from this ideologically induced blindness or logical breakdown, he argues convincingly that censoring a movement like his own for too long, eventually will make members of that movement resort to other means, even violence.

His speech more generally was aimed at reaching out to a slightly broader audience than his Manifesto and his earlier writing on Norwegian websites, or to «unite national conservatism, which I support, with national socialism and militant christendom», as he put it himself. So the strategy obviously is to appeal to a broader spectrum of racists, and to play down the Zionist issue, which divides Breivik, JDL, EDL, NDL and Knights Templar, on the one side, from other nationalists and nazis, on the other.

Breivik talks rather openly about the strategy of supporting and expanding «street extremism», like the JDL, EDL and NDL (Jewish, English and Norwegian Defense League, respectively), while at the same time building a network of single cell terror operatives, borrowing tactics from – yup – al-Qaida.

The reason for using terror cells consisting of only one man, says Breivik, is to avoid the eyes of anti-terror agencies. This way he only needed to meet with his comrades once or twice during a decade, if we choose to believe him, and I guess blogs, forums, RSS feeds, social media etc took care of the rest.

Breivik also tries to use the term «counter jihad» as much as possible, rather than «zionism», which is what he really supports, and he has succeeded in selling this bogus «counter jihad» term to the Norwegian mainstream media. To quote from the terrorist’s Manifesto:

«So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.»

So, then, this is what it came to in Norway: Where we could have had the press digging into and revealing the horrific lies of the 9/11 terror attacks ten years after the events, instead we got a snob from the West who bombed his own city using «al-Qaida tactics», and who shot fellow Norwegian kids taking part in a summer youth camp for young politicians and future administrators, because he believed the lies and racist conspiracy theories fed to him for ten years by every newspaper, radio and TV station in this nation and throughout the West. Malicious, racist lies about muslims behind every terrorist act from New York and Bali, through Madrid and London, to Mumbai and Stockholm.

The mythical snake – Midgardsormen – seems to be biting its own tail: False-flag terrorism over a long, sad decade goes unnoticed by the press, the journalists and the editors, and the inevitable end-product of these ten years of lies and cowardice and cover-up is our very own Nordic mass murderer and terrorist; Anders Behring Breivik.

Whether he had handlers or not we don’t know, and the press and the police for some reason don’t seem very eager to find out, he is now the shining example, or knight in shining armour, intended to inspire many, many followers in Scandinavia, Europe and America.

He will even be allowed internet access in jail, and thus to build, expand and strengthen his zionist terrorist networks, both on the streets and in the single-man sleeper cells.


Like Toy Soldiers : Could 9/11 Skeptics Kill Kids?

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Terror and tragedy struck Norway on July 22nd. Without going into all the details – 8 were killed in the government HQ bombing and 69 were killed in the Utøya massacre – there are those who still claim Anders Behring Breivik acted alone and that he was motivated by a number of very dangerous conspiracy theories connected to muslims.

First, he believed in the Eurabia conspiracy theory, according to which some secret deal was struck between Europe and Arabia in order to destroy all Europe and all Europeans, hence today’s immigration of arabs and muslims from countries presently bombed by Norway and her allies.

Second, he believed in the Global Caliphate conspiracy theory, according to which the hated muslims would somehow be allowed to take control of NATO, Europe and America, presumably by stealth and high fertility rates along with some scattered attempts at blowing up airplanes using toothpaste.

Third, he believed in some very serious conspiracy theories about muslims attacking the World Trade Center in New York and bringing down three highrises with explosives, and about muslims attacking three tube stations and a double-decker bus in London with explosives, in order to mobilise the anglo-american war machine and beef up budgets.

Now, another group accused of believing outrageous conspiracy theories is of course the 9/11 skeptics. And yes, instead of subscribing to Bush and Breivik’s conspiracy theories about muslim culprits in the New York and London terror events, some serious, fact-based 9/11 skeptics believe the conspiracies were run by Anglo-American, pro-Israel forces, henceforth referred to as the Totalitarian Darkness of our time.

These skeptics have been hounded, censored, ridiculed, called names, assaulted, tazered, arrested, spat at and belied, initially by these same Totalitarian Dark forces, but eventually by the general population, as people are fairly quick to learn who they are allowed to abuse as they want. There is so much hatred around, and the serious, fact-based 9/11 skeptics have had more than their share.

For ten years it was next to impossible to make a journalist write a serious story about the doubt and the doubters of the 9/11 attacks. It was even next to impossible to get an essay or op-ed printed in the newspapers of the last decade, forcing many skeptics to believe that the same forces of Totalitarian Darkness were somehow in control of the TV and print media. And even in the rare cases were decent stories were actually printed, you could be sure that there would be no follow-up, that the story wouldn’t live, that it would all be like the snowball that didn’t snowball.

For these reasons – and many more – you have a huge sub-culture in every Western nation in 2011 that believes mainstream media are run by a fifth column loyal to the Totalitarian Darkness. They believe the mainstream media are blocking their attempts at having open, rational and serious debates about the most important issues of terrorism and intelligence and national defence, and therefore also any attempts at using the multiparty democratic elections system in order to raise these important issues from the benches of the various national parliaments.

Needless to say, if you take away people’s right to meaningful expression and free speech, and if you thereby also take away people’s right to be represented in democratic assemblies when it comes to these crucial issues of basic trust in society’s institutions, some people will eventually despair and resort to other means than just words in a blogpost.

So yeah, obviously there is a certain possibility that individuals or groups of people will buy weapons and ingredients for explosives, as these people also doubt their own state, police force, intelligence services and politicians, even when it comes to state agents blowing up their own citizens, like in a war scenario.

There is, however, a very easy remedy for keeping the peace: Open up! Let the skeptics tell their stories in the papers and on screen. Let them write stories in the papers as if they were normal men and women, as if they paid taxes and had the same basic human rights as the general population. But how likely is this scenario, if the same Totalitarian Darkness was in fact behind the deep events of 9/11 and 7/7? Should this same Totalitarian Darkness that owns or controls the papers suddenly open up for no reason? Only to avoid Skeptic Terrorism?

Some of these skeptic types would probably even believe their governments capable of carrying out false-flag terror attacks, masquerading as 9/11 skeptics, blowing things up. The question you should always ask, according to them, when something blows up, is 1) who benefits?, 2) who were able to do it or had a history of doing it? and 3) who had the means to cover it up?

PS: Having now also watched the BBC’s 10 year anniversary summary of the 9/11 scandal, deceptively named «The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 Ten Years On», it seems pretty clear to me – a 9/11 skeptic for a full decade this September – that the mainstream media won’t turn around or get real any time soon. For that to happen, the editorial and ownership interests are way too strong, and 9/11 Truth is not just your regular cause or issue. This is something entirely different, something really special.

This is how the BBC anti-skeptic hit-piece concludes in August of 2011: «The 9/11 Conspiracy File seems certain to remain open for a long time to come, however distressing and painful that will be for the families of those who died that day.»

To the BBC it obviously does not matter how painful and distressing it is for the families of more than 3 million killed and slaughtered in the 9/11 Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Norway, because mainstream media outlets such as the BBC itself continue to keep the 9/11 files closed and the conspiracies covered up, even ten years later.

Possible scenario for the Oslo false-flag terror by Mossad/NATO/Gladio

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Under the cover of a 5-day terror drill for the DELTA troops from Monday July 18th to Friday July 22nd 2011, Zionist operatives from Mossad, NATO, Gladio, Stay Behind rig a van with explosives at government HQ in central Oslo, thwart all terror alarm routines and commence the terror with a massacre against anti-Zionist youth at the summer camp on Utøya with 2-5 shooters. DELTA terror police and local police arrive late by car with no boat, no helicopters, no maps, no GPS, asking civilians for the way to Utøya, but not for spare boats on a day of terror and an ongoing massacre.

As patsy or fall guy, long time armchair Zionist madman Anders Behring Breivik is chosen as a volunteer, and a false Facebook profile and Manifest is concocted for him by a team of writers and copy-pasters. Behring Breivik is kept out of sight for the public 24/7 allegedly for fear of him sending coded messages to other cells. Several surviving swimmers from the island are arrested by local police and brought into custody, among them one of the witnesses who testified to the press about more than one gunman on Utøya.

The message thus sent to anyone who’s not stupid and proud of it is along these lines (from Winter Patriot):

You will go along with the program. You will send your troops where we tell you, you will buy foreign products regardless of ethical considerations, you will stop supporting the vermin we are trying to eradicate, and under no circumstances will you threaten anyone.

Otherwise we will bomb your offices and kill your children.

We will do it on a famous anniversary, but it in such a way that no direct evidence leads back to us.

We will do it in a way that shows your police are thoroughly compromised and no use to you at all. We will do it in a way that exacerbates tensions between Christians and Moslems. And we will do it in a way that lends credibility to those who would trash the best features of your open, democratic society.

We will cover our tracks with a lame distraction which will confirm quite clearly — to those with eyes to see — that the entire world’s «news» media are in our pocket. And most of your friends and neighbors — including many who should know better — will play along with it, if they show any interest at all.

And then … ah, yes: then we will rejoice in your grief!