What’s NOT in the 22/7 Commission Report

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Sometimes it can be more interesting to look for what’s NOT covered in a commission report after a major terror incident, than reading what’s actually there.

Those familiar with the 9/11 Commission Report, for example, will have noticed that the collapse of the skyscraper WTC7 – almost twice the hight of our own Oslo Plaza – isn’t mentioned with a single word in the report, that was published at the end of July 2004, almost 3 years after the event.

In Norway we ended up with a 22/7 Commission Report that doesn’t mention these three crucial elements:

1) The report doesn’t mention the fact that Vaalstua farm was rented from a [?convicted NOKAS bank robber, an accomplice in the NOKAS robbery of 2004, or that it was this convicted felon?] who recently had used Vaalstua as a cannabis farm.

2) The report also doesn’t mention the reported fact that the DELTA force, the police anti-terror force, held a 5-day anti-terror and anti-massacre drill in the Oslo area from Monday 18th through Friday 22th July 2011. The drill reportedly ended at 3 pm.

Both of these bits of information are absolutely highly relevant to the solving of this case, and they should therefore have been included in the report.

Of all places, Breivik chooses to rent a farm in Rena, not far from the main Army base in Southern Norway, and also the home base of the Telemark Batallion, and from a former grower of cannabis (at the farm) and [?convicted robber from the NOKAS robbery?], where a policeman was shot dead. Maybe not the ideal place for someone who wants to hide away and do his thing without interrupting visits from nosy police patrols? But what do we know.

The DELTA force drill on the same day may have puzzled the Operation Leader and probably also other key persons, who were left wondering whether these events were «real world or exercise». Not including such an important factor, one that also was already revealed by Aftenposten and a host of other dayly newspapers back in August 2011, is a bit of a scandal. But it gets even worse if the exclusion was intentional in an attempt to obfuscate an important part of the Police Trail.

We can easily imagine that knowledge of this DELTA drill was an important part of Breivik’s planning, execution and escape from Grubbegata on Friday afternoon 22nd July 2011.

3) Neither does the report mention the directing role of the NATO and its Gladio behind the terror of eg. the Bologna railway station bombing in 1980, and the Munich Oktoberfest Bombing the same year, both mentioned in the report, an omission that gives parliamentarians and other citizens who read the report a false and twisted picture of who has historically been behind terror in Europe since WW2.

Oslo Zionist terror NOT a false flag op

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The July bombings and heartless killings in the Oslo city center and at Utøya island in the Tyrifjord north-west of Oslo – unlike other recent Zionist terror attacks such as New York 9/11 and London 7/7 – are most likely NOT a false flag terror operation. The treasonous quisling Anders Behring Breivik seems to have operated all by himself, both in the city center and at the AUF youth summer camp at Utøya just outside Oslo.

Jonas Gahr Støre at Utøya 'Boycot Israel' demo

Jonas Gahr Støre at Utøya 'Boycot Israel' demo

On the 65th anniversary of the Zionist terror group Irgun’s devastating attack against the British administration and forces HQ at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, Behring – whose 1516 page «manifest» 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence reveals him as a rabid Muslim-hating Zionist – first blew up the main government building and the nearby Oil Ministry in Grubbegata in the heart of Oslo, leaving 8 people dead.

Behring then proceded to slaughter kids of the AUF social democrat youth organization at their island summer camp on Utøya, killing at least 68 people – mostly teenagers – according to the latest figures from the Oslo police department.

On page 1167 of 2083, our blond, blue-eyed Zionist terrorist and mass murderer pretty much reveals the plot:

So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.

While there has been quite a bit of speculation – way too much speculation, many here think – there is simply no valid reason to believe that Behring did not make his explosives by himself, or that Behring did not shoot all those kids on his own. Our social democrat government has no motive for covering this up, and our Norwegian mass media has no motive for not following leads, like the rumour that more than one shooter was present on the Utøya island.

There is however one massive cover-up of the very obvious link to the 1946 Jerusalem bombing on July 22nd, and of the fact that our traitor Behring is himself a rabid Zionist, shooting and killing even more people than his fellow Zionist settler Baruch Kappel Goldstein in Hebron in 1994.

To this day, not one Norwegian MSM channel or publication has mentioned this clear link to the Jerusalem bombing. Zionism – obviously – is still very much a taboo subject in Norway.